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 32"  x 19" x 42" 

Thick solid hardwood baffles starting at around $4000 a pair.







Available in 3 Models


The Zen Master Series open baffle loudspeakers come in three flavors... Two use a very magical 15 inch full-range driver and the other uses an exotic 10 inch full-range driver with a vacuum tube equalizer to restore bass response and soften the top end response when needed.


The unique baffle shape is magic in its ability to project a dense midrange without the head-vise effect that can happen with multi-driver designs.  As well the dipole effect creates a sound stage that floats way above the speakers. We were so impressed with its performance over a square board that we licensed the shape from Caintuck Audio who still makes the original version of this baffle in a 22 inch high size featuring the 8 inch Betsy driver shown left.  

Believe it or not, these small speakers cast the same giant image as these larger baffles.  The only difference really is that the low end response is more extended on the larger baffles but if you use a subwoofer, the smaller ones may be a better fit.

Man Wood Carving

How many speakers can you own that are 100% solid hardwood?  We would sell a lot more speakers if we made these from MDF or plywood with a veneer since the price would drop drastically, but for the same reason we point-to-point wire our amplifiers instead of using circuit boards, we know this sounds better.

The Most Popular Model - ZF15M


Model ZF15M in Antique Cherry

Designed to replicate the performance of the larger model ZF15L in a more manageable size.  This is why it remains the most popular.  It sounds almost exactly like the large model but it's smaller.  These are 29" wide x 19" deep x 36" high.

The Most Expensive Model - ZC10M


Model ZC10M in White Oak and Walnut

This design features a pair of exotic 10 inch driver that alone cost $1200 or more a pair.  They are however not made for open baffle due to a lower QTS.  We really wanted to hear the glorious midrange potential of these amazing drivers without the cabinet to color the sound. To make it work, we developed a vacuum tube equalizer to restore bass and give you both a bright and soft setting for the highs.  This EQ (also known as a ZROCK) is included in the price of the speaker because the speaker will not function properly without it.  These are 26" wide x 19" deep x 34" high


The Most Powerful Model - ZF15L


Model ZF15L in Wenge & Padauk


This is the original "big betsy", a proportionally scaled version of the Caintuck Audio Baffle if the 8 inch driver was a 15 inch driver.

A big part of the success of this design is the marriage between the driver and the baffle.  Had it not been for the unique Lii Song F15 driver this would not have been possible.  You can't stick a pro-audio or hi-fi 15 inch woofer in a baffle and get anything even close to this sound because this driver is only 17 grams of moving mass and 100dB sensitivity, Without this specific driver or something equally special the ZF15L and ZF15M would simply not exist.

What makes the ZF15L slightly more impressive than the ZF15M is the projection that comes from the larger baffle.  It communicates a touch more power and scale and is a bit more extended in the bass.  

The 'hit' that comes with this driver in either baffle is memorable.  Really there isn't anything that competes.   No box to color the sound,  clean bass, no crossover, no tweeter, just a single voice coil connected to your amplifier.  Even 2 watts will leave you stunned.  In fact most of the videos below were made with our 2.3 watt Zen Triode amplifier.