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Zen TORII Mk 5

20220131_200638-DeNoiseAI-standard copy.jpg


20 WATTS x 2 


Made by hand in the USA and sold wholesale to the public with a 
L i f e t i m e   W a r r a n t y  !

A stargate that lets you step inside the music.



"A Torii is a traditional Japanese gate often found at the entrances to Buddhist temples, where it symbolically marks the transition from mediocrity to the sacred.  This is how the amplifier makes me feel when I listen to it, so this is what it was named. We find it's extraordinary fidelity is a catalyst for out of body listening experiences.

This comes in part from it's esoteric point-to-point simplicity and our proprietary transformers.

I'm not sure if this is a time machine, a spaceship, or something that you plug in like a glowing gate to a higher plane of consciousness but every time I listen to it I disappear!"


Designed to be unusually good sounding, and it is.



Steve Deckert - DECWARE / High Fidelity Engineering


Zen TORII Mk5 Dual-Mono Amplifier


  • Dual-Mono design where the only thing shared between the two halves is the power cord.

  • Purist Design is hand built point-to-point with no circuit boards and zero solid state parts.

  • Tube Rectified and Vacuum tube regulated power supplies for each channel.

  • Rare harmonics that sound and feel like an SET amplifier.

  • No global negative feedback used.

  • Sounds great with simple and affordable EL34 output tubes.

  • Compatible with KT77, 6L6, 5881, 6550, KT66, KT88, 7027, EL34 and 807 with adapter.

  • Optional Transformer-coupled XLR inputs.

  • Boutique internals including Miflex Copper Foil capacitors and F&T electrolytics.

  • 7 way bias meter to read each of the four tubes individually, in pairs, or all at once.