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Here is the 2.3 watt SET amplifier that started DECWARE in 1998...

We still make it. 


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The Zen Triode Amplifier

O R I G I N A L  V E R S I O N

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What sets this amplifier apart?

  • The Sound - it's what we all chase.

  • Bass performance.

  • No circuit boards or solid state parts.

  • A signal-path featuring 2 resistors and 1 capacitor.

  • Decware's highly interleaved Ultra Fidelity Output transformers. 

  • Class A SET operation that can handle 2 ohm loads. 

  • 8 revisions spanning 22 years. 

  • Feedback from many 1000's of customers creates a highly evolved product.

  • Exotic internals.

  • Point-to-point wiring with no circuit-boards and zero negative feedback.

  • Designed by audio guru Steve Deckert.

  • Parts and Labor from the USA.

  • A Lifetime Warranty.


Pure class A Single-Ended Triode amplifier with only 2 tubes, 2 resistors and 1 capacitor in the signal path. 


It makes 2.3 high-current watts per channel and does not require "easy to drive loads" like many SET amps.


It features a volume / gain control and two pair of input jacks. It can be used either with or without a preamp. 


You can also bridge it into mono for 6 watts. Because of our floating output stage design, a pair of these amps can even be run as fully differential-balanced amplifiers.

The amp is based on one triode-wired EL84/6BQ5 output tube per channel driven by a single 6922 and features 5U4 tube rectification.


We ship it with Russian 6P15P-EV, a superior alternate to the EL84 in this amplifier, rated for 10,000 hours with gold grids, plated pins & thicker glass. Also from Russia a variant of the 6922 called the 6N1P-EV.  This is a warmer and nearly bullet-proof tube that exemplifies the term 'liquidity'.   


If you're new to this amplifier, what sets it apart is the extreme simplicity.   With only six parts in the audio circuit there isn't much to get in the way of the music. 


Tube A

Tube B

This is the entire audio circuit of a Zen Triode amplifier.


"For those who adhere to the 'first-watt' theory of HiFi, here’s a bonus: the Decware Zen amplifier gives you two. Yep, two watts per channel single-ended triode. I must admit they are pretty big watts, as I had no problem driving my reference GamuT S-7’s to a more than reasonable level. (The S-7’s have a rated sensitivity of 89db at 1 watt and a retail price of $42k per pair.)"

"What really sets the Zen apart from all the moderately priced tube amplification I've heard is its incredibly lifelike tonality and bass control."

-Jeff Dorgay, Tone Audio Magazine


You may select the following options from the shopping cart:



Knob types:  Ebony, Gold, Black chicken head, Cream chicken head, Walnut



volume control_edited.png

You may select between a 20-position stepped attenuator with precision low noise SM resistors or a conventional volume control.  The conventional volume control is best when not using a preamp.

Anniversary Mods


Level 1


Level 2

Anniversary Mods increase the already ultra-high resolution of this amplifier with strategically placed film or foil caps in the power supply.  Level 1 and Level 2 are the same mod -- but with different capacitors.  Level 2 uses the same boutique copper-foil signal capacitors as those in the signal path of the amplifier.  Level 1 uses less expensive poly caps.


All of these mods can be added or removed at any point in the amplifiers life by Decware. They are designed for and best appreciated by audiophiles with treated listening rooms.  In a more challenging listening space or when used with a less than wonderful source component, the amp will often sound more musical and forgiving without these mods.


Decware amplifiers are point-to-point wired without circuit boards and are laid out in such a way that the part leads themselves create the circuit.  This creates minimal wire and minimal solder nodes.  Also there are no solid-state parts in this amplifier.  The power supply is a brute-force design which simply means that it is sized 300% larger than required so that even at full output there is zero sag. With no need to regulate there is no possibility of liquidity-robbing artifacts from the regulation.

In summary, this is how you would build an amp for yourself when there are no concerns about the profitability of mass production, and you just want the very best possible sound for the dollar.  The happy side effect of this approach is that the amplifiers last forever, which is why we can offer a lifetime warranty.


Steve Deckert / DECWARE

The Zen Triode Amplifier