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The Decware Pills



The Decware Pills

S I L V E R  W I R E D

As long as there is digital, there will be "digititus" rearing it's ugly head in some form or another. You may be familiar with it if you're old enough to come from an analogue background, or be oblivious to it if you're not.

Either way, the less of it you have the better your music is going to sound. It comes from both the digital mastering process and associated software, meaning it is embedded into many recordings. It also comes from hardware like DAC's and computers in many forms not the least of which is - jitter.

It causes the music to loose lots of liquidity, a fair amount of density and some dimensionality. I would say it is the number one cause of listening fatigue and for most audiophiles a familiar source of frustration.

Without going back in time and fixing it at it's source, all we can do is try to recover the intent of the music by fixing what's there. We only know of three reliable ways to accomplish this result. Drugs, Alcohol or a passive filter... the later being by far the most reliable since it doesn't involve humans, computers, software, or moving parts.

The Pills can put musicality back into much of your digital music library and can also have game changing results with many of today's new LP's.





To use either model of the Decware Pill, simply insert it between your source and preamp using your favorite RCA cables. Use one pill for each channel.


Pills come in two flavors:

model PAC-G - Works best with mid-fi gear or lossy Internet streams.

model PAC-S - Works best with hi-fi gear and lossless Internet streams.

A manual is provided below in .pdf format for more information on how the Pills work, and different ways to use them. 



These devices are hand built in the USA by DECWARE / High Fidelity Engineering.  They come with a five year warranty to the original owner.   Questions can be handled via our contact form, phone or 24/7 in our support forum button below.



Made by hand in the USA and sold wholesale to the public with a 
5 Year 
 W a r r a n t y  !

Pills are hand-built to order.  Add to cart for option to be notified when available.

Try a pair in your system for 30 days. 

If you don't like it for any reason return it with a 10% restock fee.

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The Decware Pills


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