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DECWARE Silver Reference Cable


Model DSR3S

This is the 3rd generation of our reference cable.  It now features eight individually silver-shielded conductors for today's WIFI and heavily RF saturated listening rooms!


  • The Sound - it's what we all chase.

  • Imaging / Midrange Liquidity / Sound Density / Focus.

  • No magic gimmicks, batteries, magnets, or quantum treatments needed.

  • 99.99% Silver Plating over single-crystal OCC copper conductors.

  • Highly Flexible non-resonant geometry with Teflon insulation.

  • Directional with sliding weight to further damp vibrations.

  • Independent silver shields block noise in all applications including turntables.

  • 24K Gold plated connectors with dynamic tension split-core conductor and ring.

  • High Density Silver Plated OCC Copper Braid for each of 8 conductors.


We're excited to offer this new Decware Silver Reference cable because unlike our prior model, it is now very esoterically shielded.  Each of the silver-plated conductors with Teflon insulators have their own braided silver-plated shield and each of those are braided together to form the cable. 

Vibration control is one of the secrets to the success of our prior model so it is also dealt with in this new design using geometry and specialized Teflon coatings.  It has exceeded the transparency of our prior models with 8 individually shielded conductors using advanced metals.  The base metal is single-crystal OCC copper with a 99.99% pure silver plating on both the signal wires and the high-density shields.  The RCA connectors are solid copper with 24K Gold plating and are dynamically tensioned for a tight connection to your RCA jack.

This geometry is flexible, amazingly sturdy and could actually carry enough current to drive a loudspeaker so you can expect great bass performance.

By using single-crystal metals, and creating individual shields for all 8 conductors, this technology retains the transparency of our prior reference cables while maintaining the inky black backgrounds no matter how much WIFI, BLUETOOTH, and other RF saturates your environment. 

These are what I use personally in my own reference system as well as use for amplifier design.  They will eliminate the possibility of the interconnect being the weak link allowing you to look elsewhere.

Steve Deckert / DECWARE