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Zen Styx are Silver plated copper strands (133/29) compressed until they lock together and insulated by a Teflon Jacket.  The diameter of each conductor is 6mm equal to 8AWG.


This cable is two separate conductors per channel by design so that you can run each conductor separated or your choice of paralleled together or twisted together.  These options offer some tuning possibilites since each approach sounds slightly different. 


We recommend this cable with our tube amplifiers and loudspeakers because it has no sound of it's own and has absolute clarity.  You really can't hear it.  This is ideal for Decware amplification, or other Single-Ended Triodes but generally a bad idea with most solid state where the speaker cable becomes much more of a tuning aid and filter.


Because this wire is what it is, you can run missmatched lengths around your with no sonic consequences.


You can purchase ZSTYX cables with or without terminations.  When you order with terminations, we use Silver Banana jacks machined to fit the diamter of the wire which offers an oxegon free connection with no dissimilar metals.  If you need spades or other forms of terminations, you will have to purchase the non-terminated option and install your own. 


This is the only wire we offer for 20 years because we still haven't found anything better for the money.  The wire excells with transparent tube amplifiers and crossoverless loudspeakers or speakers with minimalist crossover networks, in that it never gets sharp or bright unless the signal is that way.  It's amazing balance and honest detail/resolution make it the cable for those who are extra picky.  Many audiophile cables sound bright and defocused when compared to ZSTYX.



ZSTYX Speaker Cables

PriceFrom $450.00
    • Conductors: Silver-plated copper with 40 microinches minimum coating thickness per ASTM B-298.
    • Insulation: Extruded PTFE, nominal wall thickness .015 (0.4mm).
    • Temperature Range: -55C to +200C
    • Insul. Flaw Test (Spark Test): 5,700 volts rms @ 3.0 kHz..
    • Min. Insul. Resist.: Meets calculated requirements.
    • Heat Resistance: +290C for 96 hours.
    • Voltage Rating: 1,000 Volts rms.


    • This heavy-wall wire, rated at 1,000 volts rms or 3,000 volts DC, saves both size and weight compared with many other insulated wires of the same rating.
    • Suitable for high-frequency use at elevated temperatures in high-reliability programs where electrical and thermal stability are important.
    • Passes VW-1 Vertical Flame Test. OSHA Acceptable




    Dia. of Conductor
    in. / mm

    in. / mm

    Military Number

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