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DECWARE High Current Reference Power Cord


Model DHC3

OCC Silver Plated

This is our new Reference High Current power cord.   

It's an elaborate design for today's heavily

WIFI and RF saturated listening rooms!


Three sets of OCC cores arranged side by side puts the Earth Ground directly between the two opposing electromagnetic fields. 

130% Silver-plated shields  eliminate EMI and the pulsing effects of WIFI.

Heavy Duty Insulators keep cable stiff to reduce strand movement and dampen 60 cycle vibration.


As is often the case with our products, the primary emphasis is on the sound more than ergonomics...

This is why we choose such an off-the-wall design.  We liked what it did for the sound.  The cords gave the system better liquidity, blacker backgrounds, more lively dynamics and noticeably increased bass performance. 


Remember, it may not matter how clean the power is that your cord is plugged into if that cord is collecting EMI and RF from all the WIFI, Bluetooth, wireless appliances, wall warts and other noise emitters in your room. 

So this design checks almost all the boxes.  It sounds good like the DHC-1 it replaces but with superior handling of the EM field around the wires not only from itself but from adjacent cables and reduces the absorption of airborne RF noise.

This cable isn't for everyone.  It's stiff in one direction and flexible in the other making it a little more of a challenge if you are negotiating an audio rack in confined spaces.  Setting it in the sun for an hour first will make it easier to route in such conditions. 

If you're looking for a closer replacement to the black flexible DHC-1, try our DHC-2 that replaces it.

Steve Deckert / DECWARE


Listen and find out why we use these to evaluate our reference amplifiers



IF It's not for you, return it for a 10% restock fee

Available only in USA plug.