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DECWARE High Current Power Cord


Model DHC2

Shielded Silver Plated Copper

Our replacement for the well loved DHC-1 power cord. 


Now shielded for today's heavily WIFI and RF saturated listening environments!


This is a replacement for the Decware High Current power cord model DHC-1.  It's the same gauge, size and flexibility and even uses silver-plated copper conductors but unlike the DHC-1, the new DHC-2 is shielded.

Remember, with transparent tube gear it may not matter anymore how clean the power is that your cord is plugged into if that cord is collecting noise from WIFI, Bluetooth, wireless appliances, wall warts and other PWM noise emitters in your room. All things that were not there 20 years ago when the original DHC-1 was created.

So this new version checks a lot of boxes.  It sounds good like the DHC-1 it replaces, is flexible and sonically will undoubtedly have blacker backgrounds and smoother sound  in noisy environments.

Steve Deckert / DECWARE