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DECWARE OCC Zen Speaker Wire



This is our pure single-crystal copper speaker wire.

What sets these cables apart?

  • ZSTYX imaging - for less money.

  • All around performance without highlighting.

  • Excellent results with both single-driver and multi-way speakers

  • Ideal for people who don't use subwoofers and demand concrete bass performance.


The design of these cables is based on three things; 1) Ultra pure (OCC) copper pulled as a single crystal. 2) Teflon insulators. 3) Clever braiding technology.  Even if we told you these were made with quantum pixy dust tunneled into a special blowmeum alloy... so we could justify a lofty price it wouldn't change how the cable sounds because BS falls outside these three things despite the reported placebo effect.  I'm happy to report that we don't manufacture this wire in house so there is no way we can become biased that a particular oil used on the stranding jigs somehow makes the sound of the wire more silky and the only proud papa comes from taking the time to find it.  


Using our reference ZSTYX cable we simply listen to and evaluate different wire designs in the Decware listening room using a dozen different pairs of speakers and several different amplifiers. These evaluations have been taking place for over 20 years and only recently with single-crystal wire have I been able to equal the sound of our ZSTYX silver reference cables.  This is how I know where these wires rate in the grand scheme of things. 


This cable made from 24 Teflon insulated strands, each strand containing 7 single crystal copper wires in 4 different sizes twisted together to make a strand and then the strands are cleverly braided.  We terminate it with heavy duty 24K Gold Banana Jacks.

Steve Deckert


DECWARE OCC Zen Speaker Wire