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DECWARE Zen Focus Reference One


Model DZFR1

This is the first cable to compete with our Zen Styx speaker cables in over 25 years!  Not only on its home court (single-driver loudspeakers) but with all loudspeakers.  It's bringing single-driver resolution and coherency to multi-way speakers even better than Zen Styx.

What sets these cables apart?

  • The focus.  It's like a laboratory grade lens. 

  • The design is equally at home with single driver and multi-way loudspeakers.

  • Uncanny Clarity.

  • Perfect for the absolute sicko audiophile with fully treated rooms and boutique tube gear who is looking for nirvana.


These OCC cables use an equal balance of both copper and silver in a flexible anti-resonant braid.  There are dampers at each end  to further squelch vibration and high quality banana jacks to ensure tension inside the binding posts.  This cable is lightweight eliminating stress and wear on your equipment jacks which speaks worlds to the consistency of its sound over time.  We feel the design of the braid handles magnetic fields differently. Each conductor has a smaller percentage of the magnetic field  compared to a large gauge conductor like our ZSTYX speaker cable.

In theory this braid should have less frequency based phase shift than a solid or tightly compressed stranded conductor like our ZSTYX  because it has no center.  However, I don't know that I can even measure that in a meaningful way with my scopes and analyzers so as is the procedure with all cables, we listen to them in an engineered listening room on a dozen different speakers using highly transparent feedback-free tube equipment.

Until recently the ZSTYX have remained unbeaten in nearly 30 years of comparisons using single-driver and simple two-way loudspeakers.  The ZSTYX are very consistent in this environment being driven by Decware amplifiers, yet on hi-fi speakers with 3-way crossovers I have heard some cables that sounded as good and on rare occasions better.  Those occasions where it was better, the speakers were changed back to single driver types and once again ZSTYX was the winner.

These new ZFOCUS cables actually equalled or surpassed the ZSTYX on single driver speakers and Hi-Fi speakers in every category except weight.  So as promised if I ever found anything as good or better than ZSTYX I would make it available to you.

Steve Deckert