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The DECWARE Zen Tube Tots

Model DZTT

Tube Tots are small exotic bookshelf speakers that when paired with low power tube gear can

melt your face off!


  • They sound unusually big for a speaker only 12 inches high.

  • The midrange is textured, liquid and highly addictive.

  • The bass is as fast as the midrange but with big speaker weight!

  • They use exotic 4-inch full-range drivers that actually have full sounding bass.

  • The imaging with low power tube gear is memorable.

  • The soundstage depth is intoxicating.

  • Exceptional sounding binding post setup with gold plated rods.

  • They have a very high mass enclosure.

  • Baffle design semi horn loads drivers with no edge diffraction.

  • The exotic real wood veneer is standard.

  • Will work with as little as 2.3 Decware watts.

  • Sounds great without a subwoofer.


The original design of this speaker was a labor of love by our friends at Tuolihao Audio who have kindly agreed to build us a custom version of this wonderful little speaker.  

We have them shipped directly to Decware where we handle the importing, duties, and personally inspect each cabinet for damage and do the final assembly & testing which includes adding an air core inductor to the bottom driver to roll off its response at 5 kHz.


Tube Tots come with a 30 day trial and usually ship with shorter wait times compared to our other models.

These are a personal favorite of mine.  These juicy little jewels are a perfect tool to show off the potential of Decware amplification and other exceptional tube gear.

Steve Deckert / DECWARE