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Zen Triode Integrated Amplifier

5~6 watts of SET bliss

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This Cathode Biased Single-Ended Triode Amplifier

Let's you explore the sonic joys hidden in each of these popular output tubes!

This is our most popular SET amp because it has more power than 2 watts and it has enough room for cool options like 4 pair of inputs, a headphone jack and harmonically interlocked outputs for active subs or bi-amping.  

In it's 22nd year of production, this Single Ended Triode amplifier is in over 54 countries making audiophiles very happy because it's not fussy about speaker loads or tubes, has the famous Decware sound and comes with a lifetime warranty.


What sets this amplifier apart?

  • Quality.

  • The Sound - it's what we all chase.

  • Bass performance, Midrange Magic, Sound Stage, Liquidity, Honesty.

  • No circuit boards or solid state parts.

  • A signal path featuring 2 resistors and 1 capacitor.

  • Decware's highly interleaved Ultra Fidelity Output transformers. 

  • Class A SET operation that can drive loads below 4 ohms. 

  • 7 revisions since the year 2000.

  • Feedback from many 1000's of customers creates a highly evolved product.

  • Exotic internals and upgraded hardware.

  • Point-to-point wiring with no circuit boards and zero negative feedback.

  • Designed by audio guru Steve Deckert.

  • Parts and Labor from the USA with a Lifetime Warranty.


This is a pure class A single-ended-triode amplifier with around 6 high-current watts per channel and the ability to drive speakers between 4 and 16 ohms.  It features a volume control and up to four pair of input jacks making preamps completely optional. Also it can be series bridged into mono for around 12 watts. Because of our floating output stage design there is no smear like you get from paralleling both channels.

Based on one triode-wired EL34 output tube per channel driven by a direct-coupled 6N1P-EV for the input on each channel and using a single 5U4 or 274B tube rectifier this jewel is the definition of simplicity.


The amplifier is cathode biased for best sound and to ensure that the tube bias is always happy... not to be confused with 'auto-bias' which attempts to maintain the bias using solid state circuits.   All this means is that when you want try different output tubes there is nothing to adjust.  Just plug and play.  Life is simple with this amp.

Decware amplifiers, including this little jewel are all point-to-point wired without circuit boards and are laid out in such a way that the part leads themselves create the circuit. This creates minimal wire and minimal solder nodes.  Also there are no solid state parts in this amplifier. Not even an LED to potentially poison the signature.  The power supply is a brute force design meaning it is sized 300% larger than required so that even at full power output there is zero sag. With no need to regulate there is no possibility of artifacts from the regulation.

In summary, if I were building and amplifier for myself... this is how I would do it when there are no concerns about the profitability of mass production or how much power it might make and you just want the very best possible sound.  The happy side effect of this approach is that the amp lasts forever, which is why we can offer a lifetime warranty.


Steve Deckert / DECWARE


You may choose from several kinds of wood bases for your amplifier.


These wood bases are selected in the shopping cart.  From top to bottom is solid maple, solid cherry, solid walnut with black paint, solid walnut, black figured.


Walnut (second from the bottom) is the standard base with no additional cost.


Other woods carry a small upcharge.  Custom woods and finishes cost more.



Knob types: ebony, gold, black chicken head, cream chicken head, walnut

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