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The Decware ZBIT (Zen Balanced Input Transformer) is a unique balanced XLR to RCA converter that gives you a variable output level up to the full voltage of your balanced source!

You can connect the balanced output from your DAC to the ZBIT and get a fully adjustable output level up to the full voltage of the balanced source with no loss.

Other balanced to unbalanced converter designs make the sonic mistake of shunting the secondary of the transformer with a load resistor to drop the voltage closer to the industry standard for RCA output of 2 volts which completely robs the life out of the music. 

We don't shunt the voltage but rather allow you to use as much or as little of it as you want via a high impedance level control on the output of the transformer.... this translates into usable gain, which means it can work like a preamp!

When you let the full voltage of the XLR signal just breathe... without the typical 2 volt shunt... it can develop the crushing dynamics and tremendous air and space that balanced outputs are known for.


The ZBIT does this with a special wide-bandwidth transformers feeding a high-impedance load with a variable tap feeding the RCA jacks. This allows you to find the magic voltage that works best with your preamp or amplifier and do it completely by ear as you turn the level control knob on the front of the ZBIT!


Additionally and prehaps even more importantly, the ZBIT converts your signal to magnetism and then back to a voltage.  This is where much of the sonic magic comes from.  Things like better dimensionality, better liquidity, and more air and space around the instruments are what people who own a ZBIT are reporting.


Like the customer comment further down the page here, you can take any good DAC with balanced XLR outputs, connect a ZBIT to those outputs to convert the balanced signal to RCA and your DAC will absolutely sound like it cost twice as much as it actually did.  Comparing the stock RCA outputs on the DAC with the new outputs you created with a ZBIT will just make you shake your head in disbelief.


This secret weapon is high enough quality to be used with DAC's at ALL price points.






Weight 4 lbs.

Dimensions 2.5" H x 6" W x 10.5" D

Bandwidth 01Hz ~ 95kHz

RCA jacks Silver

Impedance IN 13 kohm with a 10 kohm load

Rejection107 dB at 60 Hz Levels Up to +20 dBu at 20Hz



"I hooked my DAC up via the RCA jacks like most people probably do, and getting what I thought was great sound. I actually got the ZBIT so that I could listen to my tape machine which only has balanced XLR outputs. The ZBIT worked great with the tape machine, but then I decided to try it on my DAC, which also has XLR outputs and I was simply STUNNED at what happened. I'm not exaggerating when I say it made my DAC sound twice as good... I just couldn't believe how much weight and density the sound got, and the imaging has never been this good. The DAC now sounds as good or better than my tape machine so I put it back in the closet."


- Robert Z




ZBIT stands for Zen Balanced Input Transformer.  It's purpose in life is to take the XLR balanced output from a source component or preamplifier and convert it to an unbalanced RCA jack that can feed your unbalanced audio component.

The output from the RCA jacks is fully adjustable from 0 to anywhere between 3 & 10 volts ~ basically the full output voltage of your balanced component.  It is designed to be adjusted relative to the volume control on your preamp or amplifier if you're not using a preamp.  Running the ZBIT adjusted high and the volume control on your preamp or amp low sounds completely different than running the ZBIT adjusted low and the amp or preamp adjusted high. This large difference in sound lives in an infinitely adjustable window between the two extremes giving you great control over the magic spot where it will sound best.

The ZBIT is ideal for low powered amps of all types, or high-powered amps that either have a gain control (input level) or use a preamp.

The ZBIT is also ideal for taking advantage of balanced cables over longer distances. While cable quality is a factor, it is far less of a factor with XLR cables than with RCA cables, so when we need to run over 6 feet, we use balanced cables that feed a ZBIT located 1 meter away from the amp or preamp. From the ZBIT we use, the best 1 meter interconnects we have to feed the amp or preamp.   

The transformer in the ZBIT is made in the USA by Jensen and has a bandwidth from 10Hz ~ 95kHz.  It is unmolested by Zobel or RC networks leaving it to do what great transformers do.... impart shimmering liquid highs with a massive improvement to dimensionality.


ZBIT can make your RCA cables perform way outside their pricepoint.


It's been our observation over the years that the effects on the sound caused by different types of signal wire and interconnects are inversely proportional to the voltage or pressure traveling inside the wire.  An example is tonearm wire between the phono cartridge and the phono stage compared to a 2 volt line-level signal which is a hundred times larger. Changing the tonearm cable vs. the cable between your phono stage and preamp or amplifier always has a much larger effect on the sound. 


What all this means is that if you run the ZBIT output level at MAX feeding a preamp or amplifier that has a volume control, you may actually increase the fidelity of the cable connecting the two components by a suprising amount.


Decware ZBIT / XLR to RCA

PriceFrom $87.90
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