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Designed for dusting tube amplifiers and other audio components. 


Features just the right stiffness to wrap its ultra soft bristles around screw heads, knobs, meters, sockets, jacks, tonearms and all the nooks and crannies found in many tube amplifiers.  Effortless dusting over complex surfaces, usually in a single pass. Dissipates static that would otherwise attract dust back to your amplifier or other components.


Can also be used on vacuum tubes but they must be cool to the touch.  If you can hold your finger on it, you can dust it. 


Comes with a black cardboard wrapper with velcro seal for ease of storage or transport.


Solid hardwood handle and stainless steel band gives the brush good balance and it will last a lifetime with regular use.  While extra soft, the bristles are dense putting the center of gravity where it feels good in your hand.


2.5 inches / 63mm  x  10.4 inches / 265mm




Decware Amp Brush

$34.95 Regular Price
$29.71Sale Price
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