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10% Non-refundable Deposit for the CSP3 that starts at $1439.00.


The CSP3, as it is known, is a feedback-free Single-Ended-Triode preamplifier recommended with any Decware amplifier or any brand or type amplifier.  It is compatible with literally everything because it has adjustable output voltage (0~25V).  


Don't go away, we're not done yet.  This is wonderful sounding OTL headphone amplifier for use with dynamic headphones and ideal with higher impedances.  In fact it was originally designed to be just an OTL headphone amp, but then we realized everything was there except the jacks to make it into an equally stunning preamp, so that's what we did.


For headphones it can be configured with the correct jacks to be used with either 1/4 inch, 4-pin XLR or dual 3-pin XLR headphone cables, your choice.


For people serious about transparency, liquidity and drive.  Since it can be dialed-in for any type of amplifier, low or high power, tube or solid state, it is very popular in solid state circles for those looking to get some tube warmth and better imaging and dynamics from their system.



CSP3 10% Deposit

Wood type
  • Your amplifier comes with a 30 day money back guarantee less a 10% restock fee.  The trial starts upon date of receipt.  If you have any questions or aren't getting the results you anticipated, please contact us so we can walk you through it.  If you have any problems with it we will reset your 30 day trial once the issue is resolved.

  • Our amplifiers are built to order.  Wait times depend on how many orders we have on our real time build sheet.  Once we pull parts for your build, you will be notified followed by notifications each time the status of your build changes.  For example, Parts Pulled - On the Bench - Testing - Quality Control - Packing/Shipping.  

    When your amplifier is ready to ship we will contact you for the balance of your order. We accept major Credit Cards, Check, Paypal, Money Orders.



    Shipping for your order will be calculated  after we have researched the best carrier and rates for your location.   You will receive a total with shipping for your order showing your deposit and the balance due.  Please allow us some time to do this manually.

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