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10% Non-refundable Deposit for ZMC1 that starts at $879.00




We believe the best way to step up a Moving Coil cartridge is with a wide bandwidth transformer. The reason we like this approach is two fold. One is that it's a passive device and therefor noiseless. Two, is that makes the cartridge sound better with improved dimensionality, weight, and top end resolution.

This device is used only when your phono stage doesn't have MC (moving coil) inputs which is often the case with tube phono stages.

The ZMC features an adjustable cartridge loading knob on the front of the unit. To use it, slowly turn the knob while the record is playing until the volume stops increasing.  At that point you cartridge is perfectly loaded. 

You can of course use this knob on the fly or revisit the setting at any time.  It can be handy to sometimes under damp the cartridge to give more air in the top end, or over damp the cartridge to tame a bright sounding record. You do that by simply turning the knob slightly down or slightly up from the ideal setting. 

We offer three types of transformers shown below. With our own phono stage (model ZP3) the most popular choice for a step up is the ZMC1.  The higher ratio works well with the 42dB of gain from our phono stage and mates best with most cartridges.



 For low output MC cartridges

1:20 ratio for use with 3~25 ohm cartridges.


 For high output MC cartridges

1:10 ratio for use with 3~100 ohm cartridges.


 For high impedance MC cartridges

1:12 ratio for use with 25~100 ohm cartridges.


The high bandwidth and very low phase shift ensures excellent transient response.   Mumetal can for magnetic shielding is standard. 

Typical response is 10Hz ~ 100kHz.



The ZMC connects between your turntable and phono stage. There is a standard ground lug on the rear of the ZMC. In addition, there is also an IEC connector for those rare custom systems that wish to place an earth ground at the source. Since the best way to obtain an earth ground is ta wall outlet, you can simply use a standard grounded power cord between the ZMC and wall outlet. In regular systems using a power cord to effect an earth ground for the ZMC is not recommended.



10% deposit ZMC1

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