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The Zen Mini Torii

Ultimate desktop amplifier

Model Minitorii


This amplifier was designed to be the ultimate desktop amplifier having the same footprint as an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.

We wanted to re-create the same experience on the desktop as we have in the listening room... which is to say we want the same imaging and sound-stage performance with the seductive depth of stage of the finest tube amplification.

To achieve this goal a desktop amplifier actually needs to be a listening-room amplifier and be able to be used in either place.

A major feature that makes this amplifier unique is the way it creates its own grain-free clean power with glow tubes. By using the glow tubes in series with the power supplies we get better sound than when using an expensive and noisy power re-generator.

The end result is a serious desktop amplifier that cleans its own power and has been miniaturized to fit on the desktop.  A pretty impressive accomplishment considering its size.


"If you love the sound of the famous 6V6 tubes, this is the best you will ever hear them in such a small package.  The tube rectifiers, the dual power supplies, the tube regulation, exotic Decware UFO transformers, foil capacitors and point-to-point construction make it impossible to beat!"

What sets this amplifier apart?

  • The Sound - it's what we all chase.

  • The Size

  • The Performance

  • Parts and Labor from the USA.

  • A Lifetime Warranty.


  • 6V6 single-ended design giving around 5 watts 

  • Point-to-Point wiring with no circuit boards

  • Tube rectification for each channel using 6CA4/EZ90

  • Output-stage regulation using OA3's

  • Input-stage regulation using OC2's

  • Dual volume controls

  • 8.5 inches x 11 inches x 5 inches

  • Requires NO preamp

  • Input for 2 sources

  • Variable Line Level Output jacks

  • Treble adjustment with bypass

  • Adjustable feedback to control presence

  • Our Proprietary UFO wide-band output transformers

  • Easy to move around

  • High-mass, powder-coated steel chassis

  • Solid hardwood base with wood options

  • Enhanced tube life

  • Self-biasing - nothing to set or adjust

  • LO and HI impedance speaker switch

  • Cryo-treated Beeswax caps

  • Highest-grade internals

  • Output tube compatibility facilitates custom voicing


The audio circuit is a very minimalist dual-mono single-ended design featuring a volume control and input selector for two sources.

The amplifier's overall gain is high enough that during those times when you don't have a real DAC hooked up it can still sound good driven by something as weak as a laptop's headphone jack.

There is also an adjustable treble-cut with a bypass switch so that if you find yourself streaming compressed MP3 music while you're working, you can make it more tolerable by reducing the very top end where the results of jitter and compression are most apparent.

The dual-mono design gives the amplifier a separate power supply and even a separate power switch for each channel. Basically it's two monoblocks stuffed into a single chassis. Dual- mono enhances performance and makes troubleshooting tube problems fast and painless.

The Mini Torii is basically the most exotic tube amp you can squeeze into a package this small. Its sound and build quality consistently exceed everyone's expectations... which are already quite high.


You can select these from within the shopping cart.


Choose from the following:




Satin Black


These are user swappable hardwood bases for the Mini Torii.



LEFT to RIGHT are:


Gold with Logo

Black Chickenhead

Cream Chickenhead


Not shown are:

Black with Logo

These are user swappable knobs for the Mini Torii.

Anniversary Mods


Anniversary mods are a way to pimp the amp out.  These mods enhance speed / resolution to its maximum potential.   They are ideal for hi-end sources.  For mid-fi sources it is better not have the mods.


There are both level 1 and level 2 anniversary mods.  The difference is the type of capacitors used in the mods.  Level 1 uses film caps while level 2 uses foil caps to match the foil caps in the signal path. 


This amplifier requires no adjustments or maintenance other than changing tubes every couple years. It is a self-biasing design and dual mono.

  • Weight 17 lbs. ea.

  • Dimensions 6.50" H x 12.125" W x 9.125" D

  • Circuit type Single-ended Class A Pentode

  • Power output 3.9 watts RMS 

  • Input voltage 1.0 volts for full output w/ 12AU7

  • Noise / Hum Too low to hear

  • Response 20 Hz ~ 80 kHz

  • Regulation OA3 and OC2 / tube voltage regulation

  • Rectification 6CA4 tube rectification

  • Output tubes 6V6

  • Signal tube 12AU7 

  • Transformers Decware

  • Biasing Self-Biasing

  • AC cord Removable power cord

  • Consumption 75 watts at full power

  • Input jacks RCA type 24K Gold / Teflon

  • Output jacks 5-way binding-posts accept 12 gauge

  • Speaker dB/1w 90 dB minimum / 94 dB is ideal

  • Warranty Lifetime to original owner



Since we don't have dealer's and we sell our amplifiers directly to the customer, our customers have a direct line to us.  As a result, Decware support is legendary for over 20 years.

Support is not only a phone call or email away at any time, but when you purchase this amplifier you join a huge family of customers who also own one and enjoy supporting each other on the:


Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 7.32.33 PM.png

Manual is in a .pdf format



MINITORII - 2009 to Oct 2012

Easily distinguished by the gloss white chassis plate.  Original models used a 7-pin 6X4 rectifier tube that was later changed to a 9- pin current-production EZ90 rectifier tube.


MINITORII-II - New in Oct 2012

Also easy to recognize because the finish has been upgraded to black wrinkle.  Features user-adjustable variable feedback. Cryo-treated beeswax signal caps are now used throughout.  New high-mass steel chassis for improved micro-phonics... adds 150% more mass!

Decware Mini Torii

MINITORII-III - New in Oct 2015

Installed UFO output transformers for better resolution and an impedance switch that lets you hear your speakers with both a HI and LO impedance setting. An ultra-serious upgrade to an already incredible amp.



Made by hand in the USA and sold wholesale to the public with a 
L i f e t i m e   W a r r a n t y  !

Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 8.15.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 8.15.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 8.19.17 PM.png

Amps are hand-built to order.  There are presently lots of orders on our real time build sheet.   A 10% non-refundable deposit secures your place on the list with today's date and time stamp.  Balance is due when it's ready to ship. You will be sent a final invoice with the total price including actual shipping costs by our office during your wait.   

USAOriginal on Transparent copy.png

Make your desktop sound like this
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Decware Mini Torii

Decware MINI TORII amplifier

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