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Wathen Cube


Nearfield Monitor

from Wathen Audio 

This is the pro audio Wathen Studio Monitor.  It has been designed for console placement with a down firing passive radiator to load the surface.  Ideal for nearfield use as it greatly improves the speakers disappearing act.  However...  


If you're a fan of using tight little monitors like the LS35A for audiophile playback in your  listening room, then you would love these!  The cryo-treated tweeter alone puts this speaker in another league.

During the AXPONA 2023 show, Don Thomas of Wathen Audiophile demo'd these next to his dual 15 inch open baffle loudspeakers using a 20 watt Decware TORII JRv2 amplifier and whenever these cubes were playing everyone in the room thought it was the big speakers.  That should tell you something...

We recommend these speakers with our 20 watt amplifiers.

336773210_677908597474290_6283589029238922654_n copy.jpg
Cube Bottom.jpg
Cube Back.jpg

These are hand made in the USA by Wathen Audiophile.

model HRv2


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