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Turning Point Audio HRv2


DSC07542 copy.JPG

model HRv2


Hybrid radial design

from Decware speaker builder Bob Ziegler

It combines an omni speaker similar to the Decware designed Radials with a forward-firing driver to give you best of both worlds -- Insane omnidirectional imaging combined with intimate presence.


It all started with this

In 2000 Steve Deckert designed and hand built a radial driver with an upside down cone to create the Decware Radials and showed Bob Ziegler how to do it.  Within a few years Ziegler had figured out a way to get both a radial and conventional driver on 90 degrees faces to work right and created the Hybrid Radial called the HR1.  It has been a great success for many years.

The 2023 HR2 is a complete remake -- taking 20 years of experiments with the HR1 and creating a near perfect loudspeaker.  Subjective frequency balance is impeccable.  Imaging and sound stage are beyond what most people realize is even possible.  Dynamics, bass weight and timbre are excellent.  The sound is HIFI smooth with beautiful layering.



DSC07542 copy.JPG

The HR2 has a upward facing driver that in combination with the black lens on top of the cabinet creates a perfect 360 degree radial wavefront.  The front drivers consist of a 1 inch tweeter and a 6 inch midrange/bass unit.  

In the bottom of the cabinet is a large passive radiator that fires down into the thick black plinth under the speaker.  This bass driver is pre-loaded by 15 mm and then the entire speaker is optionally spiked to the floor.  This gives predictable bass performance regardless of floor material.

Because there is so little of it, top grade internal wires, binding posts and crossover components can be used.  No worries about trying to upgrade it, you can't.  Listening to these speakers on a top notch amplifier and vinyl rig leaves no doubts.


The HR2 comes in two models:  Standard and Deluxe.  You can choose during checkout.



The Standard model is the one shown on this page with a beautiful figured and bookmatched Cherry finish.  This model comes with a full 30 day trial less a 15% restock fee.

The Deluxe model features Cryogenically treated crossover components and your choice of custom veneers.  This model is non-refundable.


  • 92dB 1/w 1/m sensitivity

  • 36Hz ~ 17kHz

  • 8 ohm nominal impedance

  • Works with Decware 2 watt amplifiers in smaller rooms. 

  • Max rated power 100 watts RMS

  • Max SPL 116dB 

  • 13.5 inches x 13.5 inches x 39 inches

  • Net Weight Ea. 72lbs.



RED = on axis @ 1 meter response

GREEN = 15 degrees off axis @ 1 meter

Blue = Top driver