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DECWARE High Definition Tower



model HDTv2


The HDTv2 is a very esoteric cabinet design 

using a single voice coil and no crossovers.

Designed by Decware founder Steve Deckert in the early 1990's the HDT loudspeaker has since become a benchmark for single driver performance in the following categories:

Frequency Balance, Bass Performance and Imaging.


This is why.

Above is just the insides of an HDTv2 cabinet.

Because wideband drivers have thin natural sounding paper cones, what happens on the inside of the cabinet is the whole game.  There can be no reflections that would hit the back of the speaker cone.  The HDTv2 goes to extreme lengths to make sure of this.



How it works...

The wave from the rear of the speaker cone is absorbed by the foam passive radiators on each side of the cabinet.  This eliminates the internal reflection without affecting the air speed like felt or fiberglass.  It also extends the frequencies of the main driver to radiate from the sides of the cabinet to create a more omni effect.

This process occurs in the 3 main chambers of the HDTv2 each with their own tuned port feeding an averaging chamber in the bottom of the cabinet that in turn feeds the transmission line running up the height of the cabinet at the rear and exiting into the dispersion plate at the top.

The benefit...

The 4 tuning frequencies and individual chambers inside the cabinet work together to damp the main speaker driver across 2 octaves rather than 1.  This massively improves the power handling and linearity of the driver when compared to a sealed or ported box or open baffle.

The lack of internal reflections back onto the speaker cone results in ultra low distortion and reference level transparency.

HDTv2 Picture Gallery



Lii Song Silver 8

The HDTv2 has been redesigned around a vastly updated driver manufactured by Lii Song.  The Lii Song driver is in a league of its own compared to virtually all the 8 inch full-range drivers on the market and unlike past implementations when we used Fostex drivers we don't have to modify them to make them sound right.

Many full-range drivers regardless of price have a tendency to be tipped up in frequency boasting far more detail than would be heard from a speaker with flat response.  Problem is that you then have to do something about lack of bass.   The Silver 8 low Q driver has good usable low bass, extended highs, and a very good midrange balance in the HDTv2 cabinet.


  • 96dB 1/w 1/m sensitivity

  • -3dB / 55Hz ~ 15kHz.   -10dB / 30Hz ~ 17kHz

  • 8 ohm nominal impedance

  • Min amplifier power 2 watts RMS   

  • Max amplifier power 50 watts RMS

  • Max SPL 116dB 

  • 13.5 inches x 13.5 inches x 39 inches

  • Crossoverless point source

  • Net Weight Ea. 72lbs.

The main reference speaker used for voicing

Decware amplifiers is the HDTv2

Screen Shot 2023-07-16 at 7.05.07 PM.png

Available finished in your choice of woods, or as plans for the

DIY speaker builder!









ORDER NOW - 16 week average delivery time

Normal Price is $6775.00 / pair

Purchase now and get the limited introductory price of $6097.50

10% deposit due now, balance will be due when they are ready to ship.

or you can download the plans below!

The Lii Song Silver 8 drivers can be purchased directly from Lii Song.


Model Silver 8