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model DNA-610

For Intimate Listening Experiences that go DEEP.

Size:  Only 28" high by  8" wide by 12.5" deep

USAOriginal on Transparent copy.png


The original DNA design covered 9.96 octaves of human hearing with bass down to 23Hz with a single 5 inch full-range driver.  In fact we did it with two different 5 inch drivers... but now nearly 12 years later we have decided to stop proving how good the cabinet design is and focus purely on the sound quality it's really capable of...

So we did the unthinkable!

We realized that despite the low bass capabilities of the speaker, most music lives over an octave higher than 23 Hz.  What if we focused on that -- and took it even farther to see what is possible with midrange magic by not only reducing how low it can play but also how much power it can handle!  This would focus the target of this design to what it has always been, an intimate speaker for dead serious listening by the fanatical audiophile with great sounding low power tube gear.

So you'll love this, which is why we put it on the top of the page here, we have changed the bass response to 55Hz and dropped the power to 20 watts!

That said, when you hear how real the speaker sounds with only 4 watts of tube power, and experience how well it images or how dynamically fast it is -- the very last thing on your mind will be how low it goes or how much power it handles.

To get this insane midrange takes a very special paper driver.  We chose the iconic Diatone 610 drivers that have been around as long as most of us!  These magic drivers still bring upwards of a grand a pair in Japan, despite the fact that back in the day they were found in affordable speakers and in better radios.  

Many of those cabinet designs, including the upgraded radios, sounded great but none were of the complexity of this rear loaded horn design and we feel this is the best you'll ever hear this driver.   

Screen Shot 2022-05-26 at 11.35_edited.p

This modern day version of the driver uses a extraordinary pulp recipe for the cone and a fax leather surround for the most natural midrange a speaker can reproduce.  This is a speaker that you can use to evaluate 300B tubes and it would make the task easy because it is so honest.  A real goosebump generator with the right amplifier when installed in our DNA crossoverless single-driver horn speaker that doesn't sound like a small horn.

The Horn Design




What makes it unique

The DNA horn does a few things that are foreign to most single-driver full-range speakers...

  • DNA's have remarkably flat frequency response at point-blank range across the critical 4 octaves of midrange (100~1600Hz) as seen in the green line below.

  • DNA's do not shout, and have no glare. They are however extremely detailed.

  • DNA's image with world class showmanship and create an immersibley deep sound-stage because they can be pulled out into the room. They do not require the room corners for bass reinforcement.

  • The DNA's horn flare can create audible output from below 20Hz to 650Hz  represented by the orange line below.



Measured at 12 inches

Measured at 1 meter

Rear Horn Measurement 12 inches


DNA610 ave response



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