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Troubleshoot your amplifier online

Answer the questions below to find out what's wrong with your amplifier.

If it is the same in both channels then it is usually caused by whatever is common to both channels.  This would be things like the power cord and in amps with only one rectifier tube the tube itself could be bad.

If it is a power cord it means the ground connection in the cord or what it's plugged into is bad.

Rectifier tubes are made of two halves.  As they age the loose balance or one side can fail causing hum on both channels.  If half of a rectifier tube arcs (usually when you first turn the amp on), it may blow an internal fuse inside the amplifier.  If this happens then no matter what new rectifier you install, there will be hum.  

Internal fuses are not designed for user replacement.  Please contact us by phone so we can either talk you through how to do it, or make arrangements to have the amp shipped to Decware for service.

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