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Troubleshoot your amplifier online

Answer the questions below to find out what's wrong with your amplifier.


Replace the fuse with the same value.  This is written on the name tag stuck to the bottom of the amplifier.  Remove rectifier tube.  Turn on amplifier and make sure some of the remaining tubes glow.  If any of the tubes glow, you were successful.  The reason we took the rectifier tube out is because that was  most likely what caused the fuse to blow.  Fuses never blow for no reason.  Your rectifier tube is probably bad or going bad.  The only way to find out is to have it tested, or re-install it and see if the fuse blows again.   It may work fine and then at a later date blow the fuse again.  This is because a weak rectifier tube will arc inside the glass right when you turn the power switch on.   Rectifier tubes today are typically rated to last only 500 hours but often will last 5000 hours.  When tubes were made in the USA this rating was 5000 hours because the quality control was much better than the countries producing tubes today. 


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