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Troubleshoot your amplifier online

Answer the questions below to find out what's wrong with your amplifier.

Swap all the tubes in the left channel for those in the right channel.  In smaller amps, like the SE84 series, the input tube serves both channels.  It is known as a dual triode.  So it is in reality two tubes in one glass bottle.  With these amplifiers we swap the output tubes left for right to see if that makes the louder channel move to the other side.  If it does, we know the problem is an output tube and we replace the pair with a new matched set.  If swapping the output tubes has no effect then we check the input tube by replacing it with another one.   In the case of push-pull amplifiers like the TORII platform, the output tubes come in pairs and there are two on each channel.  They must match or the channel with the miss-matched output tubes will both play higher or lower than the other channel and have more hum. These amps also have separate input tubes for each channel making diagnosing input tube problems easier.  


So after swapping tubes left for right did the problem move to the other side?

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