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For Live Listening Experiences without compromises.

Size:  60" high by  14" wide (excluding wings) by 28" deep.  150lbs ea.



Designed originally for Lii Song PT-10 Driver, we also offer this cabinet with a more conventional driver complement consisting of a 9.5 inch woofer and 1 inch tweeter. This combination fits in the same size removable baffle as the PT-10 driver.


This version of the Decware Folded Horn has a modest sensitivity of just under 93dB which is in stark contrast to the other version using the Lii Song full-range driver clocking in at 103dB.  It is however enough sensitivity to be fully enjoyed with as little as 6 watts in most rooms.

What do we get for this tradeoff?   Exquisite frequency response and layering.  We use the Satari 9-1/2 inch WO24P-4 and pair it with the Scan Speak tweeter that is crossed over around 1kHz.   The sound is more extended in the bass and does not sound as bright.

Frequency Response

Red is the DHF-10 and Orange is the DHF-95

These are available in many stages of completion from raw cabinet only to fully finished as shown for around 10K per pair.

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The speaker cabinets are offered: 

  • sealed and ready for paint or fully finished in eggshell 2K paint.

  • with or without wings.

  • with or without drivers and hardware.

Optional wings shown left.  Wings help with midrange projection and frequency response. 

User installable and removable. 

Recommended for larger spaces.


Net weight: 140lbs each.

Net weight without drivers and hardware: 110 lbs each.

Response 30Hz ~ 17kHz.

Efficiency 91dB 1W/1M.

Width without wings 14 inches.

Width with wings 23 inches.

Depth is 28 inches.

Height is 60 inches.

This horn design is made with a removable baffle making driver changes fairly easy.  This is because the cabinet design will work with a wide range of drivers up to 10 inches in diameter.  It is in fact a fun way to make inexpensive drivers sound like they cost a lot due to the bass response capabilities of the horn.

There is a design log in the Decware support forums for this horn.  You can read about it here.

The Horn Design


This design is licensed to Lii Song who will be manufacturing it for markets outside the USA.  Decware is also building them (as shown in high performance black) for anyone located in the continental USA.

For those ambitious enough to DIY a pair of your own, we are providing the complete plans in both Imperial and Metric, 9 pages of each.  This pair of horns uses exactly 4 sheets of 48 x 96" plywood.  Cut sheets are included in the plans.

Purchase Plans


Available as D.I.Y. plans and fully built & tested

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Sound Demos
(recorded for headphones)