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The Caintuck Audio 



model Betsy


Size:  18" wide x 12" deep x 22.5" high

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starting around $599 a pair and available in many woods and options.

This uniquely simple open baffle loudspeaker is manufactured and shipped from Caintuck Audio Loudspeakers in the USA and represents a breakthrough in the price vs. performance category. 

A life sized 3-D sound-stage from only 2 watts is possible with this crossover-less single-driver loudspeaker!


Steve Deckert / DECWARE


This is an 8-inch open-baffle loudspeaker designed to sit on the floor a couple feet or more from the wall.  They create a life size sound stage with imaging that floats several feet above the speakers.

It has a response from around 60Hz to 15kHz.  The impressive bass performance comes from the close coupling to the floor.

It is a crossoverless speaker that can be listened to without a subwoofer as is demonstrated in the video below.  That said, it lends itself to use with a small sub extremely well the combination creating a reference grade sound in every category.

The efficiency is around 91dB with the model shown.  It works well with 2 watts and can take up to 20 watts both demonstrated in the video below.

The unique shape redistributes energy from the driver like a soundboard on a piano and the wood types offered have differences in the midrange.  There is no need for baffle step compensation or crossovers of any kind with this speaker so there is none.   Literally it is one voice coil connected directly to your amplifier.

The driver is low mass making the bass extremely fast and textured.  The driver is a point source so all the sound comes from a single point creating the illusion that the sound is coming from everywhere except the speakers (ironically).