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2.3 watts of pure bliss


Model SE84UFO2.1

The Zen Triode Amplifier

S E L E C T  V E R S I O N

Video Review of the Amp

"If you haven't heard a Zen Triode Amplifier... you're in for a really pleasant experience!  It floats music in 3D space like very few amplifiers can.  Designed and built in the USA it comes with no disappointments.  It's the 2.3 watt SET amp that has set the standard since 1998 and sold wholesale to the public this entire time!"

What sets this amplifier apart?

  • The Sound - it's what we all chase.

  • Bass performance.

  • No circuit boards or solid state parts.

  • A signal-path featuring 2 resistors and 1 capacitor.

  • Decware's highly interleaved Ultra Fidelity Output transformers. 

  • Class A SET operation that can drive loads below 2 ohms. 

  • 8 revisions spanning 22 years. 

  • Feedback from many 1000's of customers creates a highly evolved product.

  • Exotic internals.

  • Point-to-point wiring with no circuit-boards and zero negative feedback.

  • Designed by audio guru Steve Deckert.

  • Parts and Labor from the USA.

  • A Lifetime Warranty.


This is a pure class A single-ended triode amplifier with 2 high-current watts per channel and the ability to drive speakers between 2 and 16 ohms.  It features a volume control and two pair of input jacks making preamps completely optional. Also it can be bridged into mono for around 6 watts. Because of our floating output stage design, a pair of these amps can even be run as fully differential balanced mono blocks.

The amp is based on one triode-wired EL84 per channel driven by a single 6922 and features 5U4 tube rectification.  That said we use a superior variant of the EL84 called a 6P15P-EB from Russia.   An extremely special tube with gold grids and super wide bandwidth giving a more transparent and neutral sound.  From the same factories we use a Russian variant of the 6922 called the 6N1P-EB.  This is a warmer and nearly bullet-proof tube that exemplifies the term 'liquidity'.


The amplifier is cathode biased for best sound and to ensure that the tube bias is always right... not to be confused with 'auto-bias' which attempts to maintain the bias using solid state parts.

Decware amplifiers, including this model shown above, are all point-to-point wired without circuit boards and are laid out in such a way that the part leads themselves create the circuit.  This creates minimal wire and minimal solder nodes.  Also there are no solid state parts in this amplifier. Not even an LED to potentially poison the signature.  The power supply is a brute force design meaning it is sized 300% larger than required so that even at full power output there is zero sag. With no need to regulate there is no possibility of artifacts from the regulation.

In summary, if I were building and amplifier for myself... this is how I would do it when there are no concerns about the profitability of mass production, and you just want the very best possible sound.  The happy side effect of this approach is the things last forever, which is why we can offer a lifetime warranty.


Steve Deckert / DECWARE



You may choose from several kinds of wood base for your amplifier.


These choices are selected in the shopping cart. 

Contemporary Walnut and Black Figured are standard with no additional cost;


Special woods carry a small up charge.  Custom cost more.

Contemporary Cherry, Contemporary Maple, Contemporary Oak, Contemporary Black, and Contemporary Custom.

Custom bases can be almost any wood with almost any finish.  The amplifier shown at the top of this page is in a contemporary black piano finished base.



Knob types: ebony, gold, black chicken head, cream chicken head, walnut

Star Stirrer_edited.png

Anniversary Mods

Anniversary mods were developed to narrow the gap between our 25th Anniversary Zen Triode amplifiers's sound and our other amplifiers.  Simplified, it represents speed / resolution.  There are both Level 1 and Level 2 anniversary mods.  The difference is the type of capacitors used in the mod.  Level 1 uses poly film caps, while Level 2 uses copper foil caps to match the copper foil signal caps in the amplifiers.  GOOD NEWS - This amplifier comes with Level 1 anniversary mods standard at no extra cost.  Therefore the only option is to push those mods to Level 2.  Level 1 is 80% the same effect as Level 2.  

Wood Type, Knobs and Anniversary mods can all be configured from within the shopping cart.


Weight 17 lbs. ea.

Dimensions 8.0" H x 6.125" W x 12.0" D

Circuit type Single-ended Class A Triode

Power output 2.3 watts  RMS x 2 or 6 watts RMS x 1

Input voltage 1.5 volts for full output

Noise / Hum -79 dBU / -58 dBU@120HZ

Flat Response 10 Hz ~ 80 kHz

Feedback ZERO 

Rectification 5U4G / tube rectification

Output tubes SV83/6P15P-EV or EL84/6BQ5

Signal tube 6N1P or 6922 or 6Dj8 

Transformers Decware UFO wide bandwidth 

Biasing Self-Biasing / Cathode Biased

Resistors precision WW/MF by DALE, VISHAY

Signal Cap Exotic Film and Foils 

AC cord Removable power cord

Consumption 65 watts 

Input jacks RCA type Gold / Teflon

Output jacks 5-way binding posts accept 12 gauge

Speaker dB/1w 89 dB minimum / 94 dB or higher is ideal

Warranty Lifetime to original owner


Since we don't have dealer's and we sell our amplifiers directly to the customer, our customers have a direct line to us.  As a result, Decware support is legendary for over 20 years.

Support is not only a phone call or email away at any time, but when you purchase this amplifier you join a huge family of customers who also own one and enjoy supporting each other on the:




Manual is in a .pdf format

No product

Amps are hand-built to order.  There are presently over  900  amps on our build sheet. A 10% non-refundable deposit secures your place on the list.  Balance is due when it ships.


2.3 watts of pure bliss


Listen to one and find out what UFO really means...

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